Whether you are looking for privacy, security, safety, aesthetic appeal, or simply wanting to increase the value of your home, constructing a fence will help you achieve all of these. Our fencing options are wide-ranging and our customizable designs allow for one of a kind structures that will surely stand out in the neighbourhood.

Ubora Renovations uses treated wood, Western Red cedar wood, as well as composite wood to build our fence projects. We will inform you about your municipality's bylaws, and ensure that we build all our structures in accordance with local building codes and regulations.


Good Neighbour Fence

This is a style of fence where the slats (1X6) pieces are interchanged between the two properties, yours and the neighbours. This style provides privacy, but allows some light to come through between the boards. It can be a perfect fit for a scenario where the neighbours will be splitting the cost of the fence. They are the most common choice by most of our clients.


Palisade Fence

A palisade is a great fence if the primary concern is privacy. This is where the slats (1X6) boards are placed side-by-side along the fence structure. Over time the boards will expand and provide some space for light to come through.


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Trellis is a feature that some of our clients demand. Many people see trellis as aesthetically appealing, and it is easy to see why. It can be an added bonus to building a brand new fence. Ubora Renovations will build them with care and pay attention to detail: our construction process of these is unique in that they are usually made inside an exterior box of 2X4’s (ask us for more details).


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Horizontal-style fences offer the same great privacy as our Palisade fences. Horizontal lines offer a more modern twist to a traditionally vertical fence structure. Depending on your house’s exterior siding, some horizontal fences can greatly enhance, complement and accent your home. Our sales reps will guide you through these decisions and help you choose the best fence for your yard.


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