We pride ourselves on our convenient deck and fence sales approach. We are industry experts that analyze every aspect of the building process in order for our clients to receive the best. We have broken down products and various styles into succinct categories so our clients can freely browse our catalogue and choose products and price points that work for them.


     We hold ourselves accountable and treat every job as our own. Our goal is to have a 99% satisfaction rating from our clients after completing their project. We are continuously learning from our clients through our customer surveys and project feedback. We will hold ourselves accountable in a very transparent way, through updated blog posts and company statements. We will not leave your project until you are completely satisfied with our services. We aim to go the extra mile and to please above and beyond.


     We are in this business to stay. That means we are not looking toward closing contracts as quickly as possible; we are interested in developing relationships and keeping strong ties to our community. Customer loyalty is important, and we understand that a job well done and impeccable service are the building blocks, to which we must pay close attention.


     At Ubora Renovations, we are passionate about building. We are grateful that we are able to do what we love for our clients. We continuously try to innovate and implement new products into our sales cycle. Creativity is fundamental to our careers. We imagine and hope to fulfill many different projects that will be permanent, accentuated, extensions to your home. In order to fuel our passion for originality, Renovation Ubora Inc. is committed to solidifying our place in the Montreal community.