Raised our goal of $500!

This year we thought extensively about what we could do to volunteer within the community. It was important to us to find something local so we could really get involved. We have been fortunate enough to have evolved this local business over the past few years, and it was integral to our growth and principles as a company to find a socially engaged initiative.

We decided on volunteering at WIAIH, and offering two free days of labour along with a donation. It is with great pride that we can now say the initiative is complete. After a successful season we were able to give a substantial donation and complete the work. WIAIH was even kind enough to give us additional work and we were there for an entire week! Our experience at WIAIH was nothing but positive. We would like to encourage other small businesses and all people within the community to be aware and willing to make a difference. Rénovation Ubora Inc. would like to thank all of our clients from this season because a portion of each and every job went toward this initiative. We would also like to thank everyone at WIAIH for their commitment to bettering people’s lives and allowing us to be a small part of that process.

Thank you!