Should I Build a Deck in Montreal?

There are many reasons to build a Deck. Not to mention the great Return on Investment these home extensions provide. Building a Deck can be a rewarding experience that benefits your overall quality of life. Over the years we have heard the argument that building a Deck seems to be wasteful in an area like Montreal because of our harsh climates; “I won’t get much use of it”.

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No Job Is Too Small

In the previous post I spoke about our desire to increase our portfolio of distinctive designer Decks. Of course, as deck builders we love when clients want the best. With that being said, however, we understand that price is important. If you have a deck in place and would simply like to change the decking boards (boards that actually sit on the frame and you walk on), we can provide this service. If you believe a simple make over of staining is all your deck needs, we will be happy to offer tips on how to stain, or we can complete the wood preservation project for you. Keep in mind, it is important to change rotten or faulty boards before staining!


Do You Need A Permit?

We are often asked the question “is a permit entirely necessary for my new deck or fence?” Although the burden is on the home owner to obtain that document, we always advise our clients to call their respective city to check with them. In most cases, depending on the municipality, a permit is required. It is always best to have the right information to avoid any complications later on.


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Picking A Contractor

Hey folks!

So today I’d like to write a little about the process of picking a contractor. There are many of us construction enthusiast out there, all eager and willing to tackle your project. However, there are some contractors whom only see the end goal (getting paid) as their “raison d’être”. This poorly constructed (pun intended), ideal of getting a job and getting paid, is the root behind the horror stories we hear related to construction. Unfortunately, these kinds of workers influence the overall perception the public has of most construction companies. Let’s build a new awareness on the difference between good and bad contractors.

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