Who We Are

Rénovation Ubora Inc. was founded in 2012 by Brian Hutchinson and Jesse Phillips as a Deck, Fence, and Staining and Painting provider. Brian got his start in the industry by working a summer job with a local carpenter specializing in the building of decks and fences. After years of working while going to Concordia University, passion for the work and the entrepreneurial spirit grew. He decided to approach Jesse, who at the time was finishing up his carpentry degree from Châteauguay Valley Career Education Centre, and later finishing a degree in Urban Planning from Concordia University.

We decided to begin our own adventure and develop a company that offers superior exterior building services. Jesse is a certified carpenter that looks after key building standards, creative implementation, and design in our jobs. Brian focuses on the back-end business and client relationships. After years of continuous hard work, we have developed a strong company that is currently growing. Of course, we have had help along the way. Several carpenter helpers and another certified carpenter have joined the team and have returned throughout the years.

Ubora has developed from a summer job that helped us finance our schooling and activities, to a full-time career. We have had great success toward building our clientele and gaining brand recognition within the domain. And we are having fun doing it. With a focus on company development, our team is looking to cement our position as market leaders, and continue to provide quality experiences for our clients.

Brian Hutchinson



Hello, my name is Brian Hutchinson and with my partner Jesse Phillips we opened Rénovation Ubora. I have always been goal-oriented and highly motivated when it comes to my passions. I developed a great interest in carpentry when I was only 17 years old. I got a summer job where I worked among professional carpenters that loved their occupation and eagerly shared their knowledge. Over time, my interests grew and the entrepreneurial spirit struck. We decided to branch out and build a company together; Rénovation Ubora was born. With 11 years in the business, six of which have been with Rénovation Ubora, my excitement and commitment for this work continues to thrive.

Jesse Phillips



Hi there, my name is Jesse Phillips. I have always been interested in designing, creating, and building new things. I started landscaping when I was 15 years old and became fascinated with landscape design. I attended carpentry school when I was 19 and immediately upon graduation, I moved to California to work with an architect building a house from the foundation up. It was during this time when my passion for building grew exponentially. One year later, I returned to Montreal and teamed up with a lifelong friend to start Rénovation Ubora. With 10 years of carpentry, 12 years of landscaping, and 8 years of design experience under my belt, I look forward to taking this business to new heights.